Calculator Skills

You have one single physical tool at your disposal in the final exams, and that is your calculator, thus it is good practice to know the functionality of the calculator and what we can use if for.

We focus on the Casiofx-82 because the majority of students possess this calculator, note that calculators from other manufacturers have the same functionality, we will focus on the following

  1. Prime Factors
  2. Table Mode - input functions and output tables
  3. Stat Mode - input coordinates and output equations
  4. Memories - enter function as variables and assign values to variables
  5. Rect / Pol - convert from rectangular to polar and visa versa

Prime Factors
To find Prime factors of any number do the following steps

Prime factors can be found by using the FACT key. If we want the prime factors of 4200, we need to enter the number in our calculator and then factorise is.
Prime Factors
4200 has four prime factors   2; 3; 5 and 7


Table Mode

forgot table mode
The drawing will look like this:
table drawing
Also try entering the two functions in the Graphing Tool and see/analyze  the results

Stat Mode
stat mode
stat solution


So using the quadratic formula we key in the following steps:
memories solution

polar to rectangular visa versa

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