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Factorizing Trinomials and Solving Quadratic Equations


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factor trinomial 

Question 1

Factorize $x^2+9x+14$

Question 2

Factorize $x^2+9x+18$

Question 3

Factorize $x^2+7x+10$

Question 4

Factorize $x^2+14x+35$

Question 5

Factorize $8x^2+10x+3$

Question 6

Factorize $6x^2+11x+3$

Question 7

Factorize $2x^2+7x+5$

The next step is to solve quadratic equations, that is solve for $x$

We can use table mode on your calculators to solve solve for x

Solve for $x$ given $x^2-5x+6=0$

Note the solutions to solve for $x$ are

 $x=2$  and  $x=3$

If the question was to factorize, our solution would look like this:


Thus where $x=2 ; x-2=0$ and where $x=3 ; x-3=0$

in both cases $(x-2)(x-3)=x^2-5x+6=0$

multiplication by 0 = 0 !!!

Question 8

Solve for $x$ given $6x^2+7x+5=0$

Question 9

Solve for $x$ given $9x^2+6x+1=0$

Question 10

Solve for $x$ given $2x^2+5x+3=0$



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